• Fleet Management
  • Jablotron 100
  • Watchlock
  • Jablocom EyeSee
  • Jablotron AZOR

    Wireless alarm system

    A simple wireless alarm with intuitive control, ideal for shops, office, apartment...

  • Intelligent Locking Solution

    Smart Locking Solution

    High Security mechanical lock with an advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication...

  • Jablocom Essence

    Wireless Security Cameras

    An advanced technology and 7 types of detectors to recognize movements, sounds, vibrations...

  • Generator Remote Monitoring

    Generator Monitoring

    Power generation equipment is essential for Primary, Temporary and Backup power.

  • Heavy Machinery Monitoring

    Heavy Machinery Monitoring

    Preventive maintenance of construction equipment is essential for any contractor...

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Fleet Management

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Security Alarms

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Security Locks

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Telecom Engineering

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